Stress is a major concern for many people today. Stress is a major contributor to illness and affects our ability to perform at an optimum level. 

This course is an overview actions you can take to better manage your stress and to deal with the stressors in your life:   (1) recognize signs and symptoms of stress (2) take action to deal with the stress and (3) implement skills to deal with stressors. 

Bonnie Nicholls

 Bonnie provides practical, valuable insight into knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for personal and professional development. She has developed and presented workshops on a variety of topics for several large corporations (Disney University, Siemens-Westinghouse, the Navy), and has been an instructor for business management classes at Keiser University and University of Phoenix.  In addition to Advantage Training Group, Bonnie has developed a health and fitness business, Slim Up Be Healthy, to help others create a healthy body and healthy finances. 

Don't let stress rob you of your health, energy, and productivity.  Sign up for this FREE course to find out how you can turn your stress into stepping stones to improve your health energy, and performance.

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